Two-Car Garage

In 2002, Roger Woods, a veteran drummer for several Humboldt County bands, decided to begin playing bass guitar.  He realized that there are not many solo gigs available for bassists, so he approached his friend, singer-songwriter Dick Johnson, and asked if he would consider joining him in a band.

Neither of the two musicians was fresh out of college, but the concept of a garage band was appealing to both of them.  Given their ages and marital status, they realized that the band's name should reflect their ... er ... experience.

They pooled their ideas.  If they had been a reggae band, they might have selected UB-50.  As a rhythm and blues group, the name The Bald Spots may have appealed.  They considered country and western, but the name Asleep At The Wheel was already taken.  They quickly discarded any references to Minoxidil or Viagra, and vetoed some other ideas, including Counting Crows' Feet and CPR.

Roger eventually came up with the name Two-Car Garage, and his idea was quickly vindicated when the "boyz" rediscovered a song of that name, originally recorded in 1984 by B.J. Thomas

The song, which our heroes quickly learned, spoke to the joys of middle-aged domesticity, touting the singer's preference for "too many bills to pay" over being "Mr. Free: tall, dark, and cool".

TCG performs at parties, demonstrations, at the Spring Fever Festival and the Fall Harvest Festival (both Festivals take place at Eureka's Redwood Acres). We can also sometimes be found at Mosgo's in Westwood Center. 

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